About Us

Gymsport’s Mission Statement:
Gymsport’s mission is to instruct our students in a safe, fun, and positive environment. Our goal is to help children to reach their full physical and mental potential, create a positive impact on their lives, and teach our students to be well-rounded individuals.

Our gym exists to further the happiness, health, and self-esteem of our students by building confidence, work ethic, and a love of physical fitness.

We strive to achieve these goals by keeping a high-quality, well-educated staff of professional coaches who promote and reciprocate a culture of respect and collaboration. Within our programs we help build a foundation of success, whether in athletics or in everyday life.

Why choose Gymsport?

  • Safety is our priority. Sure, we teach gymnastics and tumbling, but safety is first on our agenda.
  • Our instructors are professionals. Each member of our coaching family is trained through USA Gymnastics’ Fundamentals of Gymnastics course, Safety Certification course and has cleared a state background and child abuse clearance. Your children are important to us, and we want you to trust our staff as well as we do.
  • Gymsport’s facility is the largest gymnastics facility in Pennsylvania. We have state-of-the art
    equipment and know how to take advantage of the tools our industry has available.
  • Besides classes, we have tons of other fun and child-friendly activities for your family!

Why Take Gymnastics?

Some experts say that the greatest benefit of gymnastics training for children is physical: the amazing power, the unparalleled balance, and injury-preventing agility and grace. Other experts say that the benefit is to the mind: the perseverance, the poise, the confidence, the attention to detail, and the concentration. Which is right? Our experts know.

The answer is without a doubt, both. Few sports provide the variety of benefits that gymnastics does. Strength and flexibility are physical attributes that are beneficial in all sports. From enhanced performance to injury prevention, the benefits of gymnastics are numerous. Gymnastics is often a cross-training sport for martial arts, swimming, diving, dance, and more. The discipline, self-confidence, individual responsibility, and sense of teamwork learned are positive attributes in this endeavor and will last a lifetime. In fact, professional gymnastics training is a requisite for all kids who want to learn how to become the best they can be in life. Sound gymnastics training is for all children.

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