Behind the Scenes

What goes on behind the scenes of a Gymsport birthday party?

Two+ weeks before your party
You book your party, and we reserve the spot. We mail out your birthday brochure for you to complete and Pizza! send back. We start shopping for supplies – plates, napkins, forks, drinks, tablecloths, piñatas, treat bags, candy, birthday medals and more!

The week of your party
After calling to confirm details and get a head count, we double check and finalize all supplies. Gymsport staff fills piñatas and treat bags. We pick the best available staff to run your party and make sure it’s an amazing day!

The day of your party
We pre-heat the ovens, pull the drinks out of the fridge, and get ready to have fun! Tables, chairs and balloons are set out. Drinks and treat bags for your party are pulled and ready to go. If you ordered a piñata, it is hung in anticipation of party fun!

During your party
Our amazing staff entertains your guest of honor and his or her friends with games, obstacle courses and more! One staff member cooks the pizza and serves the pizza and drinks. We cut and serve the cake (after bringing it to your child to blow out the candles!), and make sure everyone gets a chance to eat before we go back out to play. While you’re enjoying the party, one of our staff cleans up and packages any leftover food to go home.

At the end of the party
We gather the guests in the pit to take an unforgettable picture, and have a race to get socks and shoes on (the winner gets the first treat bag!). Each guest is given an awesome party favor, and the birthday boy or girl gets a special birthday medal! We collect the presents and will even help you load them in the car.

A lot of hard work and preparation goes into a Gymsport birthday party, and we hope that you appreciate a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the party!