Class Policies

Class Information:

  • Age Cutoff: Children must meet the age requirement for class by October 31st. Example: a child wishes to sign up for Super Sidekicks and will turn 5 on October 20th. This child should join Super Sidekicks. Example 2: a child turns 3 on November 3rd. She should join the Mini Monkeys class (since she is currently 2), and will remain in that class for the entire session.
  • If you know you will be missing a class, please call or email to let us know. Gymsport does not allow make up classes to be taken during another class. We have scheduled make up classes throughout the year. You can enroll for Make Up classes by logging in to our Parent Portal above.

Expected Apparel

  • Girls Gymnastics – leotard (without skirt), hair pulled back, no shoes or tights.
  • Boys Gymnastics – shirt and athletic shorts, no shoes.
  • Tumbling – leotard or shirt and athletic shorts, hair pulled back, clean cheer shoes or bare feet.
  • Parkour – shirt and athletic shorts; clean, flat-soled shoes are recommended.

Midriffs must be covered at all times. Overly loose clothing is not recommended. Clothing with buckles, snaps or zippers are not permitted during class to avoid damaging the equipment and injuring coaches. Jewellery is not permitted. No child will be allowed in the gym in jeans or pants with buckles or zippers.


Any athlete with a communicable disease is recommended to stay home from the gym. A child who has contracted lice, ringworm, or chicken pox is not permitted come to class until they are no longer contagious.


If a recreational or pre-team student is injured and cannot attend class, they have two options:
With a valid note from a doctor, class can be dropped immediately with no penalty (no 2-week written notice). They will lose their spot in the class and can return when they have been cleared by a medical professional.
If they will only be out of class for a short period and wish to hold their spot in the class, tuition will be discounted or prorated by 50%. A doctor’s note is required for tuition to be discounted, and Saturday morning make up classes can be taken to replace the missed classes.

Make Up Schedule

Make up classes are a courtesy we offer to our students. (Think of it this way – do you get to make up missed college classes? Or a refund from the mortgage company when you are on vacation and not using your house?). They are held twice a month (once on Saturday morning, once on a Tuesday evening), and the times rotate monthly. You must pre-register to join a scheduled make up class. Please note that Monday classes are entitled to two free make ups to compensate for Labor Day and Memorial Day.

You can register for make up classes on our Parent Portal above or on our Events page.