Gym Safety

Preschool Safety:

  • Children under 18 months should never hang unsupported from a bar.
  • Always pick up your child by the armpits or upper arms (instead of the hands or forearms) to prevent dislocated elbows.
  • Bars and beams should be chest height or lower. Our preschool-sized equipment is perfect for little bodies!
  • Only one child at a time in the foam pits, please – no one likes being jumped on or crushed!
  • Remember – a toddler’s head is 1/3 of their body weight. This restricts some movement that older kids may be able to do and makes balancing a bit more difficult.

Before Class:

  • Talk to your child at home about staying in line, not talking loudly in class and listening carefully to the teacher.
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before class and be sure your child is dressed appropriately.
  • Your child should check in with a key card at the front desk before class begins.
  • Try to have your child visit the bathroom before the class starts.
  • Do not allow your children to enter the gym until instructed by the coach.
  • Any children who are not attending the class must stay in the lobby.
  • Place any personal items in the cubbies provided. Please do not leave shoes or other clothing on the lobby floor as they can create a tripping hazard.

During Class:

  • A coach must be present for the children to be on the equipment.
  • Absolutely no horseplay or running around the equipment.
  • Only one person on the equipment at a time, unless instructed by a coach.
  • Look around before you cross any equipment area or group class.
  • Let the teacher know if you are ever feeling sick, dizzy or faint.
  • Let the teacher know if you need to go to the bathroom or if you need a drink.
  • No gum or food is permitted in the gym at any time.

During Preschool Playtime and Mini Open Gym:

  • If you are on the floor, we ask you to supervise your child at all times.
  • Adults are not permitted on the equipment. The trampoline in the Jungle Gym, the zip line and the preschool bars all have a weight limit of 75 lbs. You are responsible for replacing any equipment you have broken.
  • No shoes, food, drinks, gum, or candy are permitted beyond the lobby. This rule applies to parents and includes coffee.
  • One at a time on all equipment (especially the trampoline in the Jungle Gym).
  • Please make sure your child jumps into the pit feet first.
  • When using the zip line or bars, please hold small children by the waist. They may not have the motor control to hold on. Pulling their wrist or arm could result in an unintentional bone fracture.
  • If you see any mats or equipment that need attention, please notify your coach or the front desk. Safety is our priority!
  • If you are in the gym for Preschool Playtime, please respect the classes that are in progress and give them space. Please do not allow your child to take equipment that is obviously set up for a class (hula hoops, bean bags, etc.). Classes and camps take precedence over Preschool Playtime and Open Gym. If a class comes to your area (for example, the Jungle Gym), you will be asked politely to move to another play area. Once classes are no longer occupying an area, you are welcome to return and use that space.
Other Important Information:
  • Worried about snowy weather?
    You can sign up to receive text message alerts if Gymsport (or your school) is closed! Just go to or and follow the instructions on the School Closings page.

    Remember, if you want to know if Gymsport is closed due to inclement weather, check the website (it will be on the front page), our Facebook page, KDKA, or WPXI. We may not always be able to make it to the gym to answer phone calls.

  • Parents, siblings and other family members are not to go past the lobby into the gym (except to use the men’s restroom). This is for the safety of all athletes and family members.
  • Please, no flash photography. This is very distracting to our athletes.
  • No outdoor shoes are permitted beyond the lobby. In the case of rain, sleet or snow, please be careful in the lobby. The floor gets slippery when wet, and we would like to keep everyone safe.
  • Food and beverages are sold in the Snack Shack. Please keep all food in drink in the walled off lobby area.
  • Please respect our lobby and the property there. We have furniture and other things available for your convenience while you are waiting for your child in class. Please leave our lobby the way you found it and do not allow children to intentionally destroy our property.