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Open Gym

Gymsport offers open gym for any athlete wanting to work on their skills!
Are you a gymnast, break dancer, capoeirista, skiier, martial artist, free runner, traceur, dancer or tumbler who needs a safe place to practice new skills? Or do you just want to jump, tumble, and have fun? This is definitely the place for you. Please give us a call at 412-220-1195 if you’d like more information!

A completed waiver must be completed for all participants. 

Click here to view the Open Gym calendar with available upcoming dates.


Regular Open Gym

$12/hour per participant.

Ages 6 and older.

Tramp Zone Open Gym

$16/hour per participant.

Ages 9 and older.

Participants must be 9 or older OR have the ability to perform a round off two back handsprings to be allowed on the trampoline deck.

Off the Wall Parkour Open Gym

$16/hour per participant.

Ages 6 and older.

Participants must pass a basic safety certification or be currently enrolled in a Gymsport Parkour or Ultimate Warrior class before practicing in the Off the Wall Parkour gym.

Open Gym Rules

Parent/guardian is responsible for making sure that minors understand these rules.

  • We require all participants to prepay. Refunds can be given for hours paid for and not used (unless you are asked to leave).
  • No drinks, gum, or food beyond the lobby.

Dress Code

  • No outdoor shoes, belt buckles, jewelry or jeans beyond the lobby. You will be restricted to certain equipment if you are wearing unsafe apparel.
  • Cheer shoes (that have been worn indoors ONLY) are permitted on the tumbling floors. No shoes are permitted on the deck.
  • Please keep shirts on. Your stomach must be covered. Crop tops are not permitted.


  • Keep language clean. No profanity.
  • Share equipment and take your turn.
  • One person at a time on any piece of equipment.
  • Absolutely NO spotting other athletes.
  • No diving head first into the foam pits.
  • No horseplay, chasing others or throwing of equipment.
  • Only practice skills that you are capable of performing safely. Gymsport staff members have the right to ask you to stop any skill that looks unsafe. Gymsport provides classes and private lessons if you would like to learn new skills.
  • Use equipment as it is designed to be used. If you are unsure, please ask.

Available Equipment/Areas:

  • Preschool equipment near the lobby is off limits, especially Jungle Gym.
  • Equipment on the right side of the gym (competitive equipment) is off limits to participants who are not a member of our competitive team.
  • No athlete is permitted to use the trench bar.
  • Gymnastics vaulting over the table and giants/releases on bars are not permitted.
  • A separate price applies for use of the trampoline deck. Athletes must be 9 years of age or older to use the deck. Athletes under the age of 9 can use the deck if they can safely perform a round off connected to two back handsprings.