Only interested in floor and trampoline? Our Tumbling classes have it all! All School-age tumbling classes are co-ed and for ages six and above. For classes for students aged five and below, please check out our fantastic preschool programs! If you’re not sure what class your child should be enrolled in, please stop in or give us a call at 412-220-1195. We will be happy to evaluate his or her skill level so they can be registered in the correct class!
Acro & Tumbling – 60 Minutes

Gymsport Sports AcroAcrobatics & Tumbling is an amazing new type of gymnastics that combines strength, balance and grace – while pulling off some jaw-dropping stunts! Athletes work as a team to perform amazing balancing acts, synchronized tumbling and flexibility skills. No pre-requisite is required to join this class, and anyone is welcome to join! Acro & Tumbling is now an NCAA sport, with 15 teams participating and college scholarships available! For more information, check out the NCATA website.

Beginner Tumbling – 60 Minutes
Intermediate Tumbling – 60 Minutes – Unassisted Back Handspring required
Advanced Tumbling – 60 Minutes – Unassisted Back Tuck required
Pro Tumbling – 2/4 Hours – Ages 13+, Unassisted Layout required

Gymsport’s tumbling classes are designed for the school age child who is interested only in learning skills on floor. With our experienced coaches and tons of specialty equipment we can teach your kids cartwheels, back handsprings, front and back tucks and more! Our tumbling classes include students at all ability levels. Coaches work with each athlete at their own skill level to ensure that all students learn and progress.