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Pre-Competitive Programs

Gymsport’s pre-competitive programs prepare young athletes for the realm of competitive gymnastics. Using USA Gymnastics routines and skill progressions, we ensure that all athletes have the strength, flexibility, focus, and skills to help them to be successful competitors.

We have programs for both boys and girls starting as early as age 3. Call 412-220-1195 or email preteam@gymsport.com to schedule an evaluation today!

Class Descriptions

1 hour, one or two classes per week.

Built specifically for 3- and 4-year-old girls, our Mini Gems class is perfect for the budding young competitive athlete. To be eligible for this class, we look not only for natural strength, but for listening skills and desire to learn new and correct skills.

1.5 hours, two or three classes per week.

This great class is our pre-competitive level for ages 5 to 6. In this class, they will work on Level 1 and Level 2 skills and routines as outlined by USA Gymnastics. In the spring, athletes will be eligible to join us for Team Tryouts to determine if they are ready to join our competitive program.

1 hour, one class per week.
This pre-competitive program for our 3-5-year-old boys prepares them for the skills they will need to eventually join our Gents Pre-Team or Gents Team. Using USA Gymnastics’ Essential Elements programs we work on strength, basic skills, and focus to prepare to compete.

1.5 hours, two classes per week.

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