Meet our Staff!

Gymsport Athletic Center, a USA Gymnastics member club, has been part of the Bridgeville area community for over 20 years! Our coaching staff has the experience, creativity and knowledge necessary to successfully teach gymnastics, parkour, and tumbling to children in competitive and recreational settings. Each coach is highly trained to enable them to train your athlete how fun it can be to learn gymnastics in a safe, motivated, and exciting environment.
Each of Gymsport’s coaches is required to hold several clearances and certifications, including:

  • NCSI Federal Background Check
  • PA State Background Check and PA Child Abuse Clearance
  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certification
  • USA Gymnastics Instructor Certification
  • USOC Safesport Certifications
  • CDC Heads Up Concussion Awareness Certification

Caitlin Stine - PreTeam Department Leader

Level 2 team Coach, Precious and Mini Gems and Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Tara Shipley - Special Events Coordinator

Xcel Gold team Coach and Parkour Coach

Gina McGaha - Facilities Coordinator

Recreational Parkour, Gymnastics, Ultimate Warrior, and Preschool Coach

Abbey Z

Gymnastics Coach


Parkour/Ultimate Warrior TNT

Alex S

Parkour Coach

Ali V

Optional Team Coach

Bekki C

Hospitality Staff

Caitlyn S

Precious/Mini Gems Coach

Carleigh M

Compulsory Team Coach

Carly D

Xcel Team Coach

Chris B

Special Event Staff

Christian N

Parkour Coach

Dani C

Xcel Silver and Spitfires Coach

David K

Gents PreTeam & Recreational Coach

David W

Recreational Coach

Deanna P

Hospitality Staff

Deb D

Recreational Gymnastics and Preschool Coach

Genevieve E

Precious/Mini Gems Coach

Hailey R

Preschool Coach

Harrison M

Gents Team Assistant Coach, Parkour & Ultimate Warrior Coach

Jamie I

Precious/Mini Gems Coach

Jane K

Level 3 Team Coach

Jayme J

Parkour Coach

Jeanette S

Preschool and Spitfires Coach, Hospitality Staff

Josie P

Recreational Coach

Kate D

Preschool and Spitfires Coach

Lauren A

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Lauren J

Optional Team Coach

Lauren S

Bronze Xcel Coach

Liza P

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Marisa T

Recreational Coach

Neal F

Gents Team Coach

Nikki S

Snack Shack Staff

Nikki S

Hospitality Staff

Rachel G

Level 5 Team Coach

Robin C

Hospitality Staff

Robin F

Optional Team Coach

Ryan R

Parkour Coach

Sam K

Preschool Junior Coach

Sami B

Parkour Coach

Skylar R

Level 4 Team Coach

Taryn B

Xcel Silver Coach

Tayler F

Recreational Junior Coach

Whitney R

Hospitality Staff

Lauren B and Tanya with industry greats Steve Greely and Jeff Metzger.

Tanya and Bethany at the Reach for your Star fundraiser.

Caitlin, Jocelyn, and Melissa celebrating Pajama Week at Gymsport in their favorite Rugrats jammies!

Our whole staff celebrating with Laurie Hernandez at the Reach for your Star fundraiser.

Tara, Christian, and Drew at the Reach for your Star fundraiser.

Gems and Gents team coaches on the Gateway Clipper at the 2018 team banquet.

JJ, Gina, Dani, Tara, Lauren B, and Lauren S at Camp Woodward.

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