Our amazing Preschool Gym and Jungle Gym are the perfect place for your child to learn gymnastics, parkour, and tumbling in a safe and fun environment. Our preschool classes are grouped by age in order to concentrate on developmentally appropriate skills for your child.

In addition to the fine and gross motor skills you’d expect, classes at Gymsport will also teach your child skills to help them grow into a happy and healthy child: coordination, agility, self confidence, independence, and a love for physical activities. Sign up today!

Check out these great articles from USA Gymnastics:

Zoo Babies Age 18 to 30 months – 30 Minutes – Parent Participation Class

Zoo Babies is a parent participation, coach facilitated class geared towards our tiniest tumblers! We will focus on movement education – fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, body awareness and agility. This class is based on the USAG Preschool Fundamentals curriculum, and is a fun way for parents to help their children get ready for preschool and beyond!Preschool classes are fun!

Mini Monkeys Age 2 – 45 Minutes – Parent Participation Class

Do you have too many monkeys jumping on the bed? This parent and child class is for the active 2-year-old who spends all day bouncing around the house. We will learn to hold our own body weight with our arms, how to go upside-down, how to jump, how to safely fall, and how to roll! In this class we begin to learn gymnastics skills on floor, trampoline and our toddler-sized bars and beams.

Tiger Tots Age 3 – 45 Minutes

Does your 3-year-old spend more time upside-down than right-side-up? This transitional class is for the enthusiastic new
gymnast who needs a place to use all that energy! Parents may wait in the lobby or be asked to participate based on your child’s listening and behavior skills. Our enthusiastic coaches will help your child to learn coordination and age-appropriate gymnastics skills such as forward rolls, swings on bars, walking and hopping on balance beams, and running and jumping with two feet on vault.

Little Lions Age 4 – 45 Minutes

Gymsport Preschool AreaThis 4-year-old class is completely independent, allowing you to relax in the lobby or run to Giant Eagle or Starbucks while your child has a blast learning skills on bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline. Using our specialized equipment, we will teach your little one gymnastics and tumbling. We will concentrate on a fun-based, safe teaching environment in this class as we learn body awareness, beginning handstands and monkey jumps (baby cartwheels), backward rolls, and fun bar skills!

Jungle Jaguars Age 5 – 60 Minutes

Your child wants to learn a cartwheel, and we want to teach them! In this incredible class we will teach beginner gymnastics using our smaller-sized equipment. In this class form, basics, and corrections will be implemented as we learn spatial awareness, bridges, cartwheels, handstands, and tons of other fantastic gymnastics skills!

Mini Marvels Age 3 – 45 Minutes
Mighty Minions Age 4 – 45 Minutes
Super Sidekicks Ages 5 and 6 – 60 Minutes

Our Superheroes classes for preschoolers provide a structured environment that encourages early motor skill development and the growth of many valuable social skills. Join us as we roll, punch, kick and jump our way through a series of exciting obstacle courses, all of which are designed specifically for your tiny superhero. Enroll your little sidekick today in an age-appropriate parkour and tumbling class that’s tons of fun! Forward and backward rolls, basic kongs, safety vault and turn vaults, dive rolls, landing techniques, body awareness and coordination will be taught in these classes.

Preschool PlaytimeGymsport Preschool Area

Gymsport has opened its doors so that our young athletes can enjoy our fantastic Jungle Gym! Have your child play in a great gymnastic environment with beams, bars, climbing walls, trampolines, slides, tunnels and a zip line! Join us Mondays through Friday from 9:00-1:00. The cost is $7 per child for an hour of play. Be sure to ask about our prepay deal! Pay for 5 sessions and get the sixth free!

We are so glad you chose Gymsport to help your child to develop a lifelong love of physical activity. Whether your child is the next Gabby Douglas or is just her to learn coordination and have fun, you’re in the right place!

Why should my preschooler do gymnastics?
At Gymsport, we’ll help your child learn:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross (large) motor skills
  • Coordination and balance
  • Body awareness
  • Muscle tone
  • Social skills
  • Listening skills
  • Self confidence
  • Kindergarten readiness skills

The benefits of gymnastics are great, and our facility is the perfect for your child to acquire these skills. In order for this to be the best possible experience for both you and your young athlete, we have some helpful guidelines listed for you below.

USA Gymnastics (the governing body of Gymnastics in the United States) has some very important guidelines for preschool athletes:

  • Children under 18 months should never hang unsupported from a bar.
  • Always pick up your child by the armpits or upper arms (instead of the hands or forearms) to prevent dislocated elbows.
  • Bars and beams should no higher than chest height. Our preschool-sized equipment is perfect for little bodies!
  • Only one child at a time in the foam pits, please – no one likes to be jumped on or crushed!
  • Remember – a toddler’s head is about 1/3 of their body weight. This restricts some movement that older kids may be able to do and makes balancing a little more difficult.

What should I do if…
…my child is screaming and crying? This happens all the time – don’t be embarrassed! Please take your little one to the bathroom or lobby and calm them down before coming back to class.
…my child is afraid of the coach? This is also a very common experience. Sometimes new adults are scary, and that’s okay! You’re welcome to stay with your preschooler until he or she is comfortable without you.
…my child has an accident? No big deal – take them to the bathroom and help them clean up. We have Lysol wipes and disinfectant handy, just ask at the front desk!
…my child is scared of bars/beam/vault/rolling/going upside down? Please don’t force your child to perform an action that they aren’t yet ready to do. Gymnastics should be fun, not traumatic! Each kid develops differently, and that’s okay. Don’t worry – your little gymnast will learn when he or she is ready. Feel free to talk to your coach and find out about skills you can practice that work up to the scary event, or an alternate activity to do.
…my child is running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Our gym is an exciting, colorful, fun, NEW place to play, and that’s exciting! We encourage our preschool parents to come in for Preschool Playtime so that your child can become familiar with our gym and what there is to do. Once this brand new experience isn’t so new, and once a child is familiar with our class routine, running around is no longer an issue.
…I have a question about the curriculum or any of the things my child learns in class? Please – just ask! Our Recreational Managers can be reached at with any questions or feedback about our curriculum.