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Preschool Playtime

New hours starting September 8th!

Preschool Playtime is held Tuesdays through Fridays 9:30-10:30 and 10:45-11:45.

Preregistration is required.

A waiver must be completed for anyone entering the gym, including adults.

Gymsport has opened its doors for parents to bring in their children (ages 5 and under) for parent-supervised playtime in our exciting Jungle Gym and on our preschool equipment. Come in for a great time at our indoor playground on a rainy or snowy day! This playtime is open to gym members and non-members alike and costs $10 for one hour of play.

Preschool Playtime spaces are limited, and you are responsible for paying for your spot in the event unless we are given more than 48 hours notice. Please be respectful of other families who wish to bring their children in to play and call to cancel if you are unable to attend.


Play groups

Have a play group or a preschool class? We offer group rates and private play times if you call ahead! Call our Special Events Coordinator, Tara, at 412-220-1195 x 16 to schedule a playdate or ask about our group rates.

Can’t get enough of Gymsport? Check out our fantastic preschool classes!

Preschool Playtime Rules

  •  A waiver must be on file for anyone entering the gym for Preschool Playtime (this includes adults).
  • All participants ages 2 and older must wear masks or face shields covering both face and nose at all times until the mask mandate is lifted per Gymsport’s COVID policies.
  • Children must be supervised at all times by an adult. We recommend you not spend the entire time on your cell phone. Enjoy this quality time with your child!
  • Adults are not permitted on the equipment. The trampoline in the Jungle Gym, the zip line and the preschool bars all have a weight limit of 75 lbs. You are responsible for replacing any equipment you have broken.
  • Preschool Playtime is limited to the Jungle Gym, the preschool TumblTrak trampoline, the preschool area in front of the lobby and the purple floor. Preschoolers are not permitted on the large trampoline, vaults, or other competition equipment.
  • No shoes, food, drinks, gum, or candy are permitted beyond the lobby. This includes coffee.
  • One at a time on all equipment (especially the trampoline in the Jungle Gym).
  • Please make sure your child jumps into the pit feet first.
  • When using the zip line or bars, please hold small children by the waist. They may not have the motor control to hold on. Pulling their wrist or arm could result in an unintentional bone fracture.
  • Changing tables are provided for your convenience in two bathrooms. Please be courteous and change diapers at these designated areas.

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