Parkour Classes

What is Parkour?

Parkour is the art of navigating through your environment and overcoming obstacles using only your body. This increases strength and teaches body control, training young athletes how to properly run, jump, vault, and climb through their environment.

Parkour is the art of movement and traditionally practiced in an outdoor/urban enviroment. Athletes make the entire world their playground. We encourage new athletes to take advantage of Gymsport’s incredible Off the Wall Parkour Gym and practice with guidance in a safe environment before they take their skills to the streets!

Parkour athletes should wear comfortable athletic clothing with no buckles or zippers. Clean athletic shoes are required (no velcro shoes, light up shoes, or Crocs are permitted).

Parkour pros love Gymsport’s Off the Wall Parkour gym! Check out our fan photos with some incredible athletes below, including:

  1. Alex Schauer, Kie Willis, and Lynn Jung.
  2. Bailey and Jack Payne.
  3. Team Farang: Anan Anwar, Jason Paul, Dom Ditommaso, and Alfred Scott
  4. Cory DeMeyers
  5. The LaFlair Lace Up Tour: Mich Todorovic, Erik Mukhametshin, Jesse LaFlair, Sydney Olson, Joey Adrian, and Nate Weston.

Class Descriptions

Beginner Level

This entry-level class is for any athlete who has no previous experience in parkour or freerunning. Athletes will learn tricking, vaulting, tumbling, and skills in our amazing Off the Wall Parkour gym. PK10 is an entry-level class for ages 10 and older.

Intermediate Level

Athletes who have already learned the basics of parkour may be invited to move to this intermediate level class.

An evaluation or prior Gymsport class experience is required to enroll in this class.

Advanced Level

Advanced vaulting, intermediate and advanced tumbling (gainer and gainer variations, B-twists and combination passes), wall and ledge techniques (wall kicks and flips) and fluidity of movement and connectivity will be explored in this killer parkour class.

An evaluation or prior Gymsport class experience is required to enroll in this class.

All Levels – Girls only

This girls-only class is for all levels and ages of female athletes who would prefer a separate class.

Advanced Level – Invitation Only

Our highly advanced trickers and freerunners can be invited to join this enhanced class. Additional conditioning, training, and tricking will be covered in this class.

Our Flexibility, Agility, Strength Training class is the ultimate way to cross-train and improve coordination and body awareness for other sports. Football players, soccer players, wrestlers, skiers, and any other athlete will benefit from elements from gymnastics, parkour, and tumbling to improve their athleticism and give them the edge over the competition.

2019-2020 Class Schedule

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