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If you haven’t yet attended a Gymsport Birthday Party, you’re missing out!

Gymsport has been hosting fantastic parties for over 20 years. Our incredible parties are a blast for kids – imagine the fun with games, trampolines, foam pits (and don’t forget the Jungle Gym for our younger guests!). Parents can just sit back and relax while our enthusiastic staff does all the set up, entertainment, serving and clean up! All you have to do is supply the kids and the cake! Call to find out available dates and times!

Gymsport Birthday Party Information

If you have any special requests for this event, please be sure to discuss them when you book your party. Two Gymsport staff members will be present for a Silver party. Three staff members will be present for Gold, Platinum and Ultimate parties and any Silver party with 20 or more expected guests. If you have a special request for additional staff to help with younger siblings or guests who may need extra attention, we will be happy to help!

What sort of activities go on at a Gymsport party? That depends on the average age and number of guests. A party for 10-year-olds will be very different than a party for 4-year-olds, and you can trust our experience to pick the best games and activities for your guests. We will always do our best to accommodate requests for specific activities, staff members or games. We love to play Pit Block Dodgeball, Pit Races, obstacle courses and more!

Please call 412-220-1195 to book a party or check availability today!

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