Team Tryouts

Interested in joining one of our competitive teams? Gymsport has both men’s and women’s competitive gymnastics teams, and we host open tryouts for new team members in the spring. Our Gymsport Gems and Gents competitive year begins June 1st, and we are looking forward to finding new gymnasts! 

Never been a part of a competitive team? Gymsport will be holding open tryouts for our competitive Gems (women’s) and Gents (men’s) gymnastics teams on the dates below for anyone interested in joining:

Gems (girls) Gents (boys)

Tuesday 4/9 6:00-8:00

Tuesday 4/23 5:00-7:00

Saturday 5/11 9:00-11:00

Tuesday 5/14 6:00-8:00

Saturday 4/20 12:00-2:00

Saturday 5/4 12:00-2:00

Team tryout evaluations will take approximately 2 hours, and athletes will be evaluated on strength, flexibility, listening skills, and individual event skills to determine where they best fit in our competitive or pre-competitive program. You can register for tryouts using the links above. Each athlete will only need to come to one evaluation. Team tryouts cost $30 per athlete.

Athletes invited to the competitive program will join practices starting June 1st, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I find out if my athlete has been asked to join the team?

  • Parents will be emailed around the middle of May with tryout results and information on the next steps to joining the team.

What skills does my child need to have before tryouts?

  • During tryouts, we will be evaluating athletes on flexibility, strength, coordination and listening skills. We know they will develop their gymnastics skills throughout the year, so there are no specific skills required before tryouts, however, athletes must be able to hold their own body weight on their arms. 

Does my child need a back handspring to make the team?

  • No. Gymsport will place your child in a level that is appropriate for the skills they currently have so that they and their teammates are learning new skills together.. 

How many athletes can make the team?

  • We do not have a set number for how many athletes we take each year. 

What if my child is nervous for the tryout?

  • It is totally normal for an athlete to be nervous! No need to be nervous! Our tryouts are very laid back and we will try to help make your gymnast feel comfortable.

How long is the tryout? Will my child get a break?

  • Team tryouts for girls will be about two hours long and an hour and a half for boys. We allow up to 15 athletes per one coach tryout at a time. Athletes will not get a break. 

What should my child wear and bring to tryouts? 

  • Female gymnasts should wear a leotard and hair pulled back neatly. No jewelry except for post or stud earrings. Male gymnasts should wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Please have gymnasts bring a water bottle.  

Can parents/family watch team tryouts?

  • Parents/family are welcome to watch tryouts from the lobby but will not be permitted out into the gym.

I can’t make the tryout date. Is there another time I can come for my child to be evaluated for team?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot do private tryouts for team. Part of our assessment includes finding out how the athlete works with others and takes instructions in a group setting. We offer multiple dates and times for tryouts to try to give families scheduling options.